12 de janeiro de 2012

DIY: Humidificador Automático

18 or 20 gallon plastic barrel

Small SQL cage fan & PVC fittings on lid outside.

The underside of the lid.

Inside the barrel.
Water, fogger on float, air stone bubbler & submersible water heater.

Fogger on.

Results: (25 cfm FAE w/100% Rh, w/fogger on))

Small footprint.
Large water reservoir.
Tough enough to kick hard, without leaks, or damage.
Very quite.
No special tools to build.
Easy to refill with water.
Any back/flow moisture/condensation falls into reservoir.
On a timer, provides FAE.
Bubbler air stone provides high constant Rh.
Fogger provides adjustable on/demand higher Rh.
Water heater assures that FAE/Rh input temperature is the same as FC.


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